Who uses Facebook?

In the year 2004, Facebook came into this world and created a world of its own where everyone felt like they belonged, it wiped out its competitors with utmost ease and still happens to be one of the most prominent social media platforms. With changing times, Facebook kept updating its policies and services, adding new features and applications that are widely used by many, Instagram and WhatsApp being two of them. As a social media platform, Facebook digitised connectivity and made it possible for people to share their lives with their loved ones and also with strangers.
There is a lot that can be said about the many success stories Facebook has under its wings and also about success stories it gave birth to by being a free platform for everyone, which was inclusive and made the world a smaller place and a big family. The platform has catalyzed a lot of movements and has played a major role in the digital revolution the world continues to experience today.
Every good comes with its flaws and so does Facebook, the organisation has been under a lot of heat and scrutiny due to its privacy loopholes and glitches in safeguarding people’s data. It is also banned in few parts of the world and its usage can cause people jail time. The platform’s ill-usage and its effects on political matters and influence on the elections has been a matter of huge concern and its inconsistency with community guidelines and censorship has raised a few eyebrows.
Facebook is not the trending application in today’s time, but despite the controversies, Facebook remains one of the most used social media platforms.
The reason is simple, the purpose it serves has evolved with how the application has updated itself and how users consume its services. It may not be completely different but the way people use Facebook has changed drastically from what it was back when it launched to what it is now.
Earlier not having a Facebook account was an indication that you are not upto the current times and are missing out on something that is trendy and cool. People spent a lot of their time on the platform, sharing images, liking posts and typing statuses. But nowadays, the usage of Facebook is looked down upon by many, and the phrase “Who uses Facebook anymore?” is used repeatedly by users, influencers and creators.
Naturally, everything that has a peek will eventually have a downfall, but Facebook has managed to salvage this situation better than we think. whether one actively uses the platform or not, they have an account.
Facebook now has become formal in its perception, its new features serve greatly when it comes to promoting business and reaching out to an audience. Most brands, services, influencers, creators and celebrities have a Facebook account as it seems to be a part of the social media package deal.
Facebook’s pages and community group features have a lot to offer and act as a tool when it comes to understanding and targeting sections of society for different purposes.
It also serves as a comforting, nostalgic application for its early users who still actively use the medium for communication.
With Instagram and WhatsApp being two of Facebook’s most used platforms, there is and will be an undeniable link between the applications bringing all its users under one umbrella.
The acceptance and updating of the platform with the changing time will keep Facebook in our lives for a long long time.
It has outlived its competitors and that says something.
And so the answer to “Who uses Facebook?” will be all of us till the time Facebook remains flexible and ever-changing to consumer needs.
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