Brand Name

They say “What’s in a name?” and the answer is “Everything” if it comes to a brand. Naming a brand is extremely important – it captures the essence and personality of your brand. A thorough understanding of your product and the current market, Emporia produces what is relatable, memorable and yet personal.


  • We focus on connectivity, giving meaning and emotion to the brand name so that it stays in the subconscious while being fresh and catchy
  • A unique identity is given so that it stands out and acts like a reminder of what the brand stands for whenever the name is taken
  • We ensure that the name is accessible and that it is easy on the brain memory to spell, Google and retain
  • With the means of trademark and the provision to buy a domain, you can legally own the name, and we help you with that
  • As your business grows, the brand name keeps cementing its place in the market as relevance and goodwill for the brand
  • Various new verticals can be explored with the same identity
  • Designing it in a manner that it reflects as visual communication
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